Kirkland Signature Embossed Bath Tissue, 36 Rolls, 425 Sheets Per Roll

Kirkland Signature Embossed Bath Tissue, 36 Rolls, 425 Sheets Per Roll

Customer Review

I have been using Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue for many years. I have tried many different brands before and preferred Kirkland over all of them for texture and softness. The price compares favorably as well.

Kirkland changed the toilet paper packaging three times since I began using it. The original paper toilet rolls came individually wrapped in paper wrappers. That original toilet paper was my favorite - I liked the individually wrapped rolls, as well as the choice of paper wrapping rather than plastic. The texture and strength of the toilet paper was perfect.
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The first change was apparent because the toilet rolls were still individually wrapped, but now in plastic wrappers. The toilet paper texture was a little weaker. Not so much thinner but it tore more easily so you had to use more.

The third change (available currently) is 6 packs of toilet paper packaged together in plastic. I do not like this packaging at all, because I store extra toilet paper in the basement and when I take them out of the wrapper they tend to get a bit damp. However, the toilet paper itself appears to be stronger than version #2.

I found the best price on this bath tissue at Costco, especially when the run a coupon for it in their flyer.

Overall, this is still my toilet paper of choice, even though I liked their original formula and packaging better.

Ali Julia Review 

Product Features

  • Case pack of 36 rolls, 425 Sheets per roll
  • Soft and Absorbant
  • Safe for septic systems
  • 2-Ply, 1912.5 Sq Ft Total
  • Each sheet is 4 in x 4.5 in

Product Description

Kirkland Signature Embossed Bath Tissue. Soft and Absorbant. Case pack of 36 individually wrapped rolls, 425 Sheets per roll.

Product Details

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