Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue 9 Family Rolls

Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue 9 Family Rolls

Product Description

Charmin Ultra soft helps you have it all without having to use too much. Charmin Ultra Soft is so soft and absorbent, That's because it has absorbent cushions, so you can get more out of less.
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Product Features

·                 9 family rolls.
·                 With absorbent cushions so you can use less
·                 Charmin Ultra Soft

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
I've always bought Scott tissue, because with a large family it simply lasts longer than anything else I've tried. But when I ran out of toilet paper and had no way to get to the store, I ordered a 9 pack of the Charmin Ultra Soft with overnight shipping using Amazon Prime. 

I have to admit, this stuff is really thick and soft. The only problem is that it costs more than Scott, and it lasts half as long. 

I will go back to using Scott once these rolls are gone, but if I could afford to or had a smaller family, I would definitely use Charmin Ultra Soft. 

I give the product itself 5 stars, but I have to deduct one star because of the price and the fact that is lasts half as long as my regular brand.

Review 2:
That is pretty much the sum total of whatcha need to know. It is soft, the rolls are larger than normal and last quite a while (for us, three people have used 6 of the rolls in around three and a half weeks, which aint bad considering two of us three are female, and they seem to use far more than i ever could). 
Aside from all that, it wipes your butt good. 

Do you need to know anything else? (It is probably biodegradable as well, and possibly recyclable, although i cant say i'd want whatever was made from the recycled product. :)....)

Review 3:
I'm not a toilet paper connoisseur, but I know the difference between what works and what doesn't. This Charmin paper works. It's plenty soft, but didn't seem so thick it would clog up the toilet or pipes. The price was hard to beat.

Review 4:
Growing up, I was used to the thin sandpaper bath tissue. You know, the kind that requires an entire roll before you feel as though you've sufficiently wiped and subsequently causes your bum to hurt afterward? Enter my husband. He's pretty picky when it comes to his toilet paper so when I first tried Charmin Ultra Soft, I couldn't believe it. To be honest, I had no idea that toilet paper could be so soft. I was halfway tempted to use the bath tissue to stuff a headboard I was making. So soft. So cuddly. Toilet paper? Wow. 

Since I've been introduced to the world of upscale bum care, I could never go back to John Wayne toilet paper (rough, tough and don't take crap off no one). 

I recommend this product to individuals who have never experienced the luxury of wiping their tush with the closest thing to a pillow.

Review 5:
When I buy toilet paper, I look at the number of sheets per roll. I prefer one ply, because buying two ply seems pointless since I am going to use the same number of sheets whether it one ply or two ply. I guess it is just a personal preference, but I prefer thinner toilet paper. There are less than 200 sheets per roll on this particular type of TP. The company tries to make it sound as if you can use less because the sheets are thicker, and I don't think that's the case.

Review 6:
It was my turn to buy the TP and the first and final place I looked was amazon. For starters this comes with prime shipping which was a big benefit. I also did not want to get a HUGE package as I knew the others who are responsible would not be as kind. Finally, I wanted something comfortable yet strong since its used all the time and in vulnerable situations. 

This TP met all my expectations and with its arrival 2 business days later we were never out of stock.

Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue 9 Family Rolls

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