Charmin Ultra Strong 36 Big Rolls = 90 Regular Rolls

Charmin Ultra Strong 36 Big Rolls = 90 Regular Rolls

Product Description

See the Texture, Feel the Clean! Our Charmin Ultra Strong has a 2-ply Diamond Weave texture that helps make it stronger. We've taken Charmin softness and combined it with Diamond Weave texture to create a bath tissue that gets your family clean by leaving fewer pieces behind than the leading rippled brand. Try Charmin Ultra Strong today and spread the word.

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Product Features

  • 36 Big Rolls = 90 Regular Rolls.
  • 220 2-ply sheets per roll.
  • Our Strongest Charmin Toilet Paper.
  • Safe for use in sewer and septic systems.
  • Use less for a clean you can feel.

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 8.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 11 pounds
  • ASIN: B002PN5WMQ
  • UPC: 037000240679

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
I live in a household of females, and we go through a lot of toilet paper. Charmin Ultra Strong is unquestionably the best we have ever used. A close second is the Charmin Ultra Soft, followed by Costco's Kirkland house brand.

First, you can ignore Charmin's claim of DiamondWeave and so on about using 4X less. That is just marketing fluff. What this is is a good quality toilet paper like that made a decade or two ago before companies started cheapening everything out in order to boost their profits.

What I really like about Charmin Ultra Strong is that it is both soft and strong. While Ultra Soft is softer, it tears apart more easily. Also, the texture is more soft due to what I would call being "flocked". The problem with that is it creates a lot of dust and anything that is damp or wet (well just about everything you'd use this on) gets flocked as well, which you sometimes have to wash, or you'll get little lint balls stuck on yourself. So, in that regard, Ultra Strong is better. It is soft enough and softer than most, including Costco's. To me, it is important to be strong to wipe up odd goop in the bathroom, blow your nose in a pinch, etc. The last thing I like is "finger through", so this is a great TP.

When you buy Charmin Ultra Strong (or Ultra Soft), the prices vary wildly as do the sizes and packages which aids in confusion if you are a smart shopper. The various roll sizes are below:

* Regular Roll = 1X
* Large Roll = 1.5X
* Big Roll = 2X
* Giant Roll = 2.5X
* Mega Roll = 4X

What the X means is just that times as many sheets. So, a case of Mega Roll has twice as many sheets as a case of Big Roll. I generally buy the Big Roll as that's what's cheapest at big box stores. I've found the Mega Roll rubs in our holders before it is used up a bit. In the end, I would go with whatever size works out cheaper and/or is on sale.

Review 2:
Before I even start on my review, let me ask you this. What have you been eating that you need ultra strong toilet paper to wipe your butt? When strong or extra strong won't do, you need ultra strong? Shouldn't you be examining your diet first?

Having said that, this TP is indeed ultra strong. I've been using Charmin ultra soft for years, but decided to try this on a whim. And it is what it's advertised to be. Guaranteed, no matter what you've been eating, this will wipe your butt cleanly and without breaking. Grandma's extra thick chili? A case of Montezuma's revenge? E. coli, gastroenteritis? That stuff will go through regular TP like a hot knife through butter and nothing will spoil your day more than fingers which have touched poo, even your own.

But Charmin Ultra Strong? Nothing's going break through this baby. Yup, this baby can handle anything. I've tried and so far, this TP has never broken through, no matter how hard I've wiped, and boy have I tried. It is indeedy the toughest TP I've ever used.

It is however, rather rough. So if you've had a tough day, had a tough meal, have a tough sphincter that can handle tough, and you want a toilet paper that's guaranteed not to break through, this is it. I've sacrificed a few layers of sphincter cells for this review, but yup, this toilet paper is indeed ultra strong. 5 stars.

This is 36 rolls and it's good for people who live in the city and don't want to lug a lot of TP back home on public transport or just don't want to carry a bulky stuff. The 36 rolls should last a single person a long time before needing to order again. The current price is pretty competitive and you get free shipping.

And for those who find this hard to flush (especially with low flow toilets), there are two ways to deal with this.

After pooing and wiping, just hold the TP in your hand and flush (with your other hand). After your poo has swirled down, throw in the TP at the tail end of the flush. The TP will still go through. It will take a little bit of practice to get your timing right but it works for me. This works well not just for this TP but for people who poo big stinkers. It will require you to look at your poo but that's no hardship. It's a quirk of human nature that you can look at your own poo all day long but other people's poo is disgusting despite the fact that poo is poo and your poo isn't any better than anyone else's.

The second way is to flush twice. I know that's more usage of water, but it's better than having a clogged toilet. This means either:
a) Flushing your poo and TP separately.
b) Flushing halfway through your session. For those who poo really big ones this is the only way to flush no matter what TP you use - it'll take some practice to know exactly when halfway is, it's usually the time when your session changes from a life and death situation to a leisurely experience.

So there you have it, not just a review of TP but a flush etiquette guide.

Review 3:
Love buying in bulk from Amazon. But it doesn't last long enough in my four flusher family.

Review 4:
Saves me a trip to the store and lasts for a very long time. Great product.

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