Scott Towel Mega Roll Choose-A-Size, 102-Sheet Rolls (Pack of 24)

Scott Towel Mega Roll Choose-A-Size, 102-Sheet Rolls (Pack of 24)

Product Features

  • Mega Roll Offers 33% more towels per roll than our regular roll
  • Scott Choose-A-Size is perfect for any size mess, from little touch up to major cleanups
  • Scott Brand Products--The Common Sense Choice.
  • All Scott Brand cores are made with 100% recycled fiber
  • Case corrugate is made from 100% recycled fiber

Product Description

Towel Mega Roll Choose-A-Size, 102-Sheet Rolls (Case of 24), Prints may vary
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Product Details

  • Item Weight: 10.2 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 13.5 pounds 
  • Shipping: This item can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous states. We regret it cannot be shipped to APO/FPO, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.
  • Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
I like Scott Towels; I've been using them since the days when Scott Paper made them. They are absorbent, durable, and most of all, they are lint-free and the perfect towel for cleaning glass or ceramic surfaces.

I like the choose-a-size feature. Two of these towels together make a nifty quick placemat, and the single size is less wasteful, since it's usually enough for a single towel task.

But read all that the listing says; these are not the same size rolls as the ones sold singly, and I rather wish they called them something other than "Mega Roll." These are 102-sheet rolls; the ones sold singly in the supermarket are 144 sheets. These rolls are a little less than 30% smaller, if my mental math has not rotted beyond recovery.

So they're not really a bargain at this price, but it's not a horrible price either, although supermarket specials can make them noticeably cheaper; and the convenience of having all those paper towels on hand is considerable. I just thought that the issue of the size of the roll should be mentioned. 

Review 2:
I love getting paper towels delivered to my door - no more filling up my grocery basket with towels or lugging them home from a wholesale club. With the subscribe and save, I have it down to a science - just 2 rolls left, no worries - the next day more arrive like magic! I love the choose-a-size since I feel wasteful using an entire sheet - and even if these are more expensive on the surface, I'd have to disagree that they aren't less expensive in the long run. Using just a half a sheet easily makes these rolls last a really long time. Plus these are great for cleaning as there is little lint and no added moisturizer.

Review 3:
We're a large family, and we go through a lot of paper towels, and we've tried several different kinds. As far as I'm concerned, these are the best ones on the market for absorbency and price. We have them shipped with Prime, and that leaves a lot of room in the vehicle for other groceries on shopping days. Highly recommended.

Review 4:
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wish I didn't have to buy 24 rolls! Holy cow! How do people find the space to store things purchased in such a HUGE quantity (mine are stacked on a shelf in my garage)? You should have heard my husband when I opened the HUGE box...LOL! I think these will last me at LEAST two years, if not longer. Okay...onto the paper towels themselves... Now that that is off my chest. Really, Amazon...could we do a smaller, more reasonable quantity? 10? 8? 14? I like buying in bulk to save money, but 24 rolls of paper towels is a bit much (I know, I know...I didn't HAVE to buy them...but it's hard to judge how much it really is until you actually see 24 rolls of paper towels)

These are absorbent paper towels. I like to buy the choose-a-size because most of the time I can make do with just a half sheet for whatever I use it for. A full sheet usually isn't necessary, so I really like the half sheet choice. If a sheet doesn't tear on a perforation, I don't lose any sleep over it. It's a paper towel.

If you are in the market to open a paper towel store ;) then buy this 24 rolls of Scott paper towels. They work. Just make sure you have the room to store them. 

Review 5:
These paper towels absorb pretty well but do have a tendency to shred if they get too wet.

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