TOILET PAPER: 1040 - 718856120093

TOILET PAPER: 1040 - 718856120093

Product Description

An IRS Document you can wipe with. Perfect! Did you know that before the daily newspaper was printed, corn cobs were the material of choice for wiping your butt? Ouch! Thank god we live in the modern age! Not only do we have soft and absorbent toilet paper, but now you can buy it with nicely decorated designs! This will make it even more pleasing for the 60% of you that look at the paper after you wipe! Each print appears throughout the whole roll! Note: All Funny Toilet Papers are fully printed throughout the entire roll and fully functional.

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Product Features

  • Funny Toilet Paper: 1040 Tax Form

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 8 ounces 

TOILET PAPER: 1040 - 718856120093

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