Product Description

Did you know that before the daily newspaper was printed, corn cobs were the material of choice for wiping your butt? Ouch! Thank god we live in the modern age! Not only do we have soft and absorbent toilet paper, but now you can buy it with nicely decorated designs! This will make it even more pleasing for the 60% of you that look at the paper after you wipe! Each print appears throughout the whole roll! 3 Ply Bathroom Tissue with 200 sheets per roll. Set of 3.Tags: toilet paper,toilet papertoilet paper tissue,toilet paper tissuetoilet papertoilet paper

Product Features

  • Wipe with a Smile!
  • Image Of Obama Printed Throughout the Whole Roll
  • 3 Ply Bathroom Tissue
  • 200 Sheets Per Roll (Set of 3)
  • Excellent Gag Gift

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds 
  • ASIN: B003AK91XY

Customer Reviews

Review 1:

Great gift and also a great commodity to have when you are entertaining liberal weenie guests. Simply replace all the rolls in your house with these, and hide all other toilet paper. Your 'progressive' guests will either have to use this, use nothing, or hold it.

To all you pinko's out there who are horrified at the thought of this, don't feel bad. Obama's been wiping his butt with the Constitution ever since he took office!

Review 2:
First two reviews did not show up.... Maybe because it is the presidents face your wiping on? LOL.

Anyway here goes #3

The tp is your basic single ply and fits on any tp holders in my house. I honestly cant think of a better tp to wipe with (though I normally use charmin ultra soft) The reason for this should be obvious without me having to spell it out and have another review be rejected. (Though there was no obscene or otherwise offensive language)

I gave two of the rolls out to other people and will more than likely order again in the future. 

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