Charmin Basic, Double Rolls, 4 Count Pack (Pack of 10) 40 Total Rolls

Charmin Basic, Double Rolls, 4 Count Pack (Pack of 10) 40 Total Rolls
Product Description

Right Balance, Smart Choice! Charmin Basic is durable, long-lasting and 2X stronger than the other comparably priced brand. The perfect balance of softness, strength and value for your family. 
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Product Features

·                 Use 2X less than the leading value brand toilet paper
·                 A great value for your family
·                 40 double rolls of Charmin Basic toilet tissue
·                 Has earned the good housekeeping seal
·                 Unscented; Septic safe

Product Details

·                                 Product Dimensions: 9 x 21.9 x 17.8 inches ; 11.3 pounds
·                                 Shipping Weight: 11.3 pounds
·                                 Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
·                                 Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
·                                 ASIN: B003WJD8HI
·                                 UPC: 03700048202

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
I have a different perspective from most others on here ... I've always been a user of Scott Bath Tissue and found most "premium" products to be way too soft, with typically annoying scents added. So for me Charmin Basic is a good alternative. 

Despite the name, Charmin Basic single-ply is not very similar to Scott Tissue single-ply; it is significantly thicker than Scott. As a result Charmin Basic is softer and more absorbent than Scott, but still holds together well. 

Now the downside of the thicker 1-ply of Charmin Basic is that a roll consists of 250 - 350 sheets (depending on the packaging; this version is 308 sheets) while Scott Tissue is usually sold as a 1000 sheet roll. But considering that you will probably need to use less Charmin Basic than Scott, and that per roll Charmin Basic is currently selling for about half the price of Scott, I'd say that Charmin Basic is a decent value as well.

Review 2:
Yes, we all need toilet paper for TP for poopin' etc. But I use mine for other tasks as well, and being single and seeing how much TP I go through in a week, sometimes I can't believe how often I'm picking a 4-pack up at the grocery. And it's very bulky to carry home, so it's a great idea that it can now be purchased here and shipped right to my door "so I can consume mass quantities" as the Coneheads from SNL would say. 

As far as my opinion of this for the "normal" uses, it's very good, It has no scent, it's soft, yet not "too" soft. Sometimes I like it to scratch a bit, and depending on the pressure applied, it works well no matter how vigorously you wipe. 

I also use a big wad of it every other day to gather up cat hair around the baseboard in my bathroom, since my cats always like to hang out with me in there. This Charmin Basic is working much better than the store-brand I was using previously. It shredded too much and besides picking up the cat hair, I had to go over it with a wet paper towel and gather up the TP shreds. 

After my shower, I always have condensation on the mirror; again, a wad of this wipes all the moisture off instead of using another towel. 

Since the space on my vanity is rather limited, I don't keep a box of Kleenex in the bathroom. Instead, I use this for nose-blowing instead of Kleenex. It's super strong for this use, and yet soft enough that my nose isn't irritated and red. 

You can probably figure out by now that Sheryl Crow isn't a favorite person of mine, with her suggestion not too long ago that each of us should only use a single sheet of TP for our "business". Bah! 

Review 3:
I live in a rural area and I have a septic system. I have to be careful which toilet paper I buy. If I get the super fluffy stuff bad things happen. 

This brand is nice, not soft or fluffy but its not harsh or feels like sandpaper either. Its a good middle of the road toilet paper. My system hasn't backed up since I started it and I like it. The toilet paper feels thick so its not that super thin tissue paper kind that rips easily. 

However, if you are looking for the super soft kind this is not the toilet paper for you. 

That being said I think I will buy this kind in the future.

Review 4:
I'm a connoisseur of toilet paper being that my time on the commode is one of rest, reflection, relaxation as well as that of taking care of business. Therefore I take my selection of toilet paper very seriously. 

I normally use Charmin Ultra Soft but when a friend bought some Charmin Basic I asked for a roll so that I compare this against my usual standard. 

Charmin Basic is indeed basic, it is one ply and rather rough. Because it is one ply I have to use more of it to get the usual thickness I'm used to hefting before I wipe, which kinda defeats the purpose of one-plying. 

And it is indeed rather rough (especially compared to Charmin Ultra Soft). If you had ever considered the question "what does it feel like to rub low grit sandpaper across my sphincter?", using this TP will answer that question. However, all is not bad, it does not break through easily when wiping and if you have anal pruritus, wiping with this toilet paper will kill 2 birds with one stone. 

I cannot give this TP anymore than 3 stars because I think Charmin Ultra Soft is a much better TP. 

1) 1 ply means you have to use to more of it if you are used to 2 ply and the thickness and safety 2 ply affords. 
2) Rather rough, not as soft as Charmin Ultra Soft. 
3) Quite strong, not that easy to rip.

Review 5:
For a 1-ply, this stuff does just as great, if not better than the 2-ply. We are a family of 7, six of us being female, and there is plenty on the roll to last us efficiently. We don't only use it for...well, the obvious, but for other things like cleaning, make-up application/removal, runny noses, watery eyes, etc. It's thick enough, tough enough and absorbent enough to do a great job! 

Another thing that I have noticed with other types of toilet paper is that it would leave a linty/dusty mess around the t.p. holder. This Charmin Basic 1-ply barely shows that...which in turn means less mess on you, and whatever you are using it for as well. 

I have been an extremely satisfied consumer of this product for years now and don't plan on changing products. Until recently, I have been purchasing this in the local retail store near me for what was a great deal, but now that I have the Amazon's "Subscribe & Save", I am getting an extra awesome deal!

Review 6:
We've been using this product for several months and have continued to buy it after the sample ran out. We like the price, the strength, and as another reviewer pointed out, it is great for septic systems. 
Sometimes I like to set the paper for more effective cleansing, Charmin Basic is not the best in this category. I would have to rate Scott tissue as stronger when wet, but as the literature note, Scott is more expensive. So this is one trade off we have chosen to make.
At this price point, this product is recommended.

Charmin Basic, Double Rolls, 4 Count Pack (Pack of 10) 40 Total Rolls

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