Charmin Sensitive Toilet Paper Rolls 6 Giant Rolls, (Pack of 8) 48 Total Rolls

Charmin Sensitive Toilet Paper Rolls 6 Giant Rolls, (Pack of 8) 48 Total Rolls

Product Description

A soothing clean. Charmin Sensitive contains soothing lotion with a touch of aloe and Vitamin E. It has also been dermatologist-tested to be gentle on sensitive skin. Charmin Sensitive toilet paper provides a soothing clean to help pamper skin.Tags: toilet paper,toilet papertoilet paper tissue,toilet paper tissuetoilet papertoilet paper

Product Features

  • Contains gentle and soothing lotion with a touch of aloe and vitamin E
  • Dermatologist tested to be gentle on sensitive skin
  • 6 Giant Rolls of charming sensitive toilet paper
  • Has earned the good housekeeping seal
  • Unscented; Septic safe

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 13.4 pounds 
  • Shipping: This item can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous states. We regret it cannot be shipped to APO/FPO, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.
  • Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
  • ASIN: B002KT3ATW
  • UPC: 037000246909

Important Information

Safety Information
To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies and children.

Charmin is safe for your sewer and septic system.

Mineral Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Paraffin, Steareth-2, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate), Butyrospermum Parkii

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
When I wipe my butt I want it to be with this toilet paper. It is like wiping with a little slice of heaven.

Review 2:
This particular Charmin product is difficult to find in local stores as it is a premium product, although far superior to other tissues, regardless of brand. The convenience of home delivery with no tax and minimal delivery charges is so much easier than shopping all over town locally to locate the product. I am delighted Amazon carries this product and simplifies my shopping needs.

Review 3:
I have to admit that it's been quite a long time since I used anything but the brand that boasts "1000 sheets" that allegedly lasts "longer." I switched from the soft stuff to that when I moved to a rural area and had a septic system instead of a sewer.

First of all, after just a day of using the Charmin, I do see that more sheets doesn't necessarily last longer. It doesn't. We are finding we use 1/2 the amount of tissue that we did with the other brand. It's too soon to actually say whether this will cause problems with the septic system, however it states on the package that it is safe for such a setup.

OK, it's a little difficult to review bathroom tissue and be delicate, but I also notice that this tissue stays intact and doesn't leave little things behind (no pun here folks). With the lotion added, this would also be a good thing to use for removing your makeup or even as a regular tissue. It's strong and doesn't tear easily. 

Review 4:
This is the best, bar none. Strong enough to T.P. your teacher's house on Holloween but soft enough for a baby. It's mankind's highest toilet paper achievement. If there were a Nobel Prize for toilet paper, they would get it. Five stars.

However, the Charmin people are not satisifed. They now have a campaign to sell me a second product, some wet wipe thingies, to use with the T.P. and improve and enhance my butt cleaning experience. Well, I have a request. Dear Charmin Folks: Enough is enough. You make excellent toilet paper and I've given you Five Stars. Now stop already. Please stop thinking about my butt. It's none of your business. You are annoying me. Butt OUT!

Review 5:
I lived over the years in India, Spain and Bangladesh and realized early on: really good, soft toilet paper that resembles tissue is NOT a given.

Even in the US today some stores sell important that seem like they came from a sandpaper throw away bin. Yet others are so thin the roll vanishes in a seeming instant. Charmin Sensitive Toilet Paper is about the best I've ever used. No, this won't be another cheeky review with lots of puns. But the bottom line on this toilet paper is: it's incredibly soft (softer than Charmin's Ultra), the roll lasts a long time and it has to be the best toilet paper on the market today. YES it is unscented. And I just moved into a condo with a low flow toilet and there is no problem with how it flushes. And it's plain, white. uncolored. I could never really understand in the old TV ads why Mr. Wipple couldn't stop squeezing the Charmin (I just bet he also had a bunch of bruised melons in his grocery store). But, quite honestly, with Charmin sensitive toilet paper you CAN understand: it is incredibly soft. When it comes to sensitive, super-super soft toilet paper, [Charmin Sensitive[ASIN:B002KT3ATW Charmin Sensitive Giant Rolls 6 Count 209 Sheets Roll- (Pack of 8) 48 Total Rolls]] wins hands down.

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