Charmin Travel Toilet Tissue (Pack of 9) Clipstrip

Charmin Travel Toilet Tissue (Pack of 9) Clipstrip

Product Description

Charmin travel toilet tissue is made of soft, strong and absorbent material. It is safe for your sewer or septic system and comes in a convenient package.

Product Features

  • Made of Soft, Strong and Absorbent Material.
  • Safe for your Sewer or Septic System.
  • Comes in a Convenient Package - Great for Travel.
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Product Details

  • Item Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • ASIN: B000TBTU74

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
This was perfect for a trip to China where you are expected to bring your own. Fit easily in my purse, stayed clean and I always had a supply (which was borrowed frequently). More on a roll than it appears - I took all 9 with me and used less than half on a 3 week trip.

Review 2:
These little rolls saved my friend and me on more than one international adventure where toilet paper is in short supply.What we take for granted in the U.S.A is a scarce commodity in places like China and Thailand. They take no room in a carry-on and you will be so glad you took a few of these rolls!

Review 3:
Like clockwork, a half-hour after I get into the office every morning, it's time to excuse myself and take care of some business. But after eighteen months of the company's toilet-paper (a term I use loosely), cousinpaco's backside is a little...irritated.

The situation needed to be rectified, and rectified immediately.

Thank the cottony-soft goodness of Charmin, now conveniently available in "To Go" packages. A tightly clenched roll of 55 sheets of squeezably-soft Charmin is handily secured in a plastic cylinder, so it's a breeze to plop one in my pocket before heading into the stall.

Best of all, using Charmin To Go is discrete. My first solution had been to bring a pack of pre-moistened wipes with me, but the noise produced by the crinkling pouch certainly raised the eyebrows of anyone else in the bathroom. It must have sounded like I was either opening the cellophane of a dirty magazine, or eating a bag of M&Ms while defecating. Neither would have done wonders for my reputation.

My second solution was to bring a roll of Charmin to work, store it in my desk, and tear off four 2-square sections every morning before the call of nature. The downside of this plan: a total of 8 squares wasn't always sufficient, and on more than one occasion, one of the sections accidentally fell on the floor. And Lord knows I wasn't going to pick it up and use it after THAT.

But now, all my problems are solved, and I don't need one of those donut-pillows on my desk-chair!

Charmin To Go: talk about a breath of fresh air. 

Review 4:
Cosmetic Solutions. Tissue (Pack of 9) Clipstrip LOVE IT!!! Cannot find in store. Try to always travel with this product.

Review 5:
This is a great idea, wish it was a little less expensive. When you throw in the shipping charge, it is not that great of a bargain, but a needed item for travel, none the less. I wish it would be 2 ply, not 1. I also think it should be sold in smaller increments, like 6, not 9. I won't be taking 9 rolls with me!

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