Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue 36 Family Rolls = 81 Regular Rolls

Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue 36 Family Rolls = 81 Regular Rolls

Product Description

Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue 36 Family Rolls = 81 Regular Rolls. Soft, absorbent, long lasting.Tags: toilet paper,toilet papertoilet paper tissue,toilet paper tissuetoilet papertoilet paper

Product Features
·                 Soft, absorbent, long lasting.
·                 36 family rolls = 81 regular rolls!
·                 198 2-ply sheets per roll

Product Details

     Shipping Weight: 13 pounds

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
This toilet paper has the right combination of strength and softness. I also like its thickness, which means you wind up using less paper each time as you don't have to fold it over as many times as some other toilet papers. I prefer these regular size rolls, as they fit the bathroom holder better. The jumbo rolls are too big to fit well when they are plump. 

A note on price. I noticed that the price on the on this product fluctuates and sometimes runs too high. There is a nice online tool that I use to help catch a good price on Amazon, this tool is called "Online Price Alert". This tool will send you an email when the Amazon item price reaches the target price range that you specify. If you search on "online price alert" in Google it will be come up at the top. I find this tool to be very helpful.

Review 2:
Okay, we're getting personal here, the Charmin ultra soft is nice, it's cushy on your tushy and what have you, but um, it breaks apart on the bigger jobs kids. So then you have little toilet paper leftovers. SO the ultra strong is really soft and it doesn't leave anything behind because the toilet paper doesn't fall apart. I'm not kidding - that is the best toilet paper.

Review 3:
I love this product, especially when I get it from Sam's club for exactly $20 less. Seriously you could get two of these at Sam's club for this price. Just putting this out there since I was trying to figure out how a family roll compares to a double roll.

Review 4:
I can't believe I'm reviewing toilet paper on Amazon. How do I talk about this without being too personal? 

Well, I like this toilet paper. I may be a man, but the Ultra Soft works great for me and my family. We don't like to purchase toilet paper in the store, because it takes up so much space in our grocery cart. We are a family of 6, so we need the room to actually purchase groceries. 

I like the Family Size rolls, because they fit in the toilet paper dispenser better. Last time we got the Mega Rolls. Problem with the Mega Roll is the first dozen or so times the new roll is used, it requires spinning with two hands. I like to play Angry Birds while I'm taking care of things, so the two handed spin means I have to put my iPhone on the floor by the toilet. That creeps me out to think my phone has been on the floor by the toilet. Especially since I know that sometimes, late at night, I may miss my target in the dark. So I guess the Family Roll helps me to maintain a higher level of personal sanitation. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Review 5:
Excellent value for the money. Prices keep changing locally here,so buying from Amazon is very stable. Great product and fast shipping! Will have no problem buying from this vendor again. 

Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue 36 Family Rolls = 81 Regular Rolls

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