Scott Toilet Paper, 1000 One-Ply Tissues - 20 Rolls

Scott Toilet Paper, 1000 One-Ply Tissues - 20 Rolls

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
We have used Scott toilet paper for 25+ years. Recently their quality control fell off the wagon. The last two 12 roll packages purchased from Wal Mart have demonstrated that quality inspectors must have fallen asleep. Each individual sheet has multiple holes or tears. If the rolls in the most recent package purchased still have this quality problem, we will switch to a better brand.
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Review 2:


This "Scott Bathroom Tissue" is strong, very long lasting, and a terrific value. There is, however, one rub -- it is a little rough for this application, especially for frequent usage [which is why they recently introduced a "Scott's Extra Soft" product]. "Charmin Ultra" would be a better choice if you need extra softness and some store brands such as Kroger, Shop-Rite, and Wal-Mart's "Great Value" are comparable value-specific picks.

Scott's has always been considered the "Gold Standard" for the bathroom, but its superiority has been challenged increasingly in recent years. If you still like this product, there is no reason to change. However if your needs now require a softer tissue, try "Scott's Extra Soft" or "Charmin Ultra".

I have recently noticed as have other reviewers, that the glued end of the paper roll that must be pulled apart in order to start the roll seems very hard to detach. This seems to be a new phenomenon and leads me to believe that things have changed at Scott and not for the better. Maybe it is just a fluke. Maybe it is no big deal. And maybe the Scott Bathroom tissue isn't quite as good as it used to be. Maybe it is rougher and coarser than before. Just maybe. In the meantime, however, I am NOW using "Charmin Ultra" after 40 years of continuous Scott patronage. 

Review 3:
We have used Scott 1000 sheet rolls for years because we hate to change the roll so often. Lately the quality of the paper has "disentergrated". It is so thin and full of holes it rolls up in bad places when used. If this is the way it is going to be we may join the Charmin bears!

Review 4:
Scott makes a great toilet tissue: it seems that I get longer use out of a roll than when I tried other brands such as Charmin. The roll is thick but it's easy to store in the 20 roll plastic bag it comes in or you can unpack the twenty rolls and store them in various bathrooms or closets around your home.

As at least one other reviewer has noted, there is a slight trick to starting the roll. The actual roll of toilet tissue comes wrapped in paper. Therefore you first unwrap the roll of toilet paper; and when you unwrap that roll, the first few sheets of the toilet paper are stuck to the rest of the roll by a very mild glue. Nevertheless, I have had to carefully examine the darn thing to decide where the roll begins and where to pull away the first few sheets of toilet tissue. Ay!

On the bright side, however, this toilet tissue is easy on your toilet pipes and I've never had a clog. Don't use too much or you WILL get a clogged toilet--but you'll be able to use it well intuitively.

Naturally toilet paper never "goes stale" or "wears out." If you can catch a sale on this item and you like it, stock up!

The only real drawback which turns some people off is that the actual toilet paper itself is not as soft as some other brands--like Charmin. This is totally a matter of personal preference. I have used both and both get the job done. However, I noticed that Charmin and similar ultra soft brands seemed to go faster than Scott tissue did. Scott is not too rough for me; but I will take off one star because of this issue to make this a four star review.

Overall, Scott toilet tissue is well worth a try, especially when you get it on sale. Try some today--I hope you are satisfied with it! 

Review 5:

We've been using Scott for decades, mainly because of price, and because it doesn't clog commodes. However, lately the quality seems to have gone feels pretty stiff, and almost "papery." Scott, if anyone in the company ever reads these, please address the extreme difficulty of getting some of the rolls going! I will continue to use it, again because of price, but have bought a package of the soft Scott for the guest bathroom.

Product Features

  • Scott Toilet Paper is an excellent balance of strength, softness, absorbency, and economy. Unscented Bathroom Tissue.

Important Information
Scott Toilet Paper is an excellent balance of strength, softness, absorbency, and economy. Unscented Bathroom Tissue.

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INDICATIONS: Scott Toilet Paper is an excellent balance of strength, softness, absorbency, and economy. Unscented Bathroom Tissue.

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  • Shipping Weight: 20 pounds
  • ASIN: B000GCPX2W
  • UPC: 054000423208

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