Kleenex Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes - Total: 224 ct.

Kleenex Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes - Total: 224 ct.

Product Description

Kleenex® Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes are pre-moistened to deliver a cleaner fresher feeling than dry toilet paper alone. The new Pop-Up Tubs make it a lot easier for you to get your wipes one by one. To continue enjoying this convenience, be sure to pick up refill packages that indicate "New Pop-Up Tub." Other refills will not work with the new tubs. # Contains Aloe plus Vitamin E # Easy single sheet dispensing # Pop-up tubs feature better moisture retention # Tubs coordinate with bathroom décor # Alcohol-free # Portable - you can use them anywere # Flushable - sewer and septic safe # The Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes

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Product Features

  • 224 bundle pack ncludes 1-42 count pop up tub; 1-42 count refill pack; 1-140 count resealable refill pack
  • Pop-up tubs feature better moisture retention
  • Contains Aloe plus Vitamin E
  • Flushable - sewer and septic safe
  • Portable - you can use them anywere

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 8 pounds
  • ASIN: B00145F762
  • UPC: 036000720686
  • Item model number: 036000720686

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
If you're looking for flushable wipes that get you clean and are sturdy enough for adult use, these will fill the ticket.

However, the plastic dispensor box had design issues and every time you push the tab in to open the top, the button caves in and you have to open the top to fix it. I've started to just open the top and not use the dispenser. 

Review 2:
I discovered wet wipes after a surgery. But once I discovered how well they work, I can never go back to dry!
Since that first experience I have tried 4-5 different moist wipes and Cottonelle ranks high on my list.

This packaging of the product includes a pop-up dispenser, refills, and travel packs. I am attaching a photo that shows the dispenser, travel packs, and an empty packaging from which the refill was removed to be placed into the dispenser.

The dispenser is bone colored. The size of the dispenser is 7" by 6" by 3.5". To open it you push on the button, which opens a small lid on the top. This gives you access to pull out a wipe from the opening. I have to say that I don't like the button, it adds extra complication. I prefer just a simple hinge that you open and close by hand that you find on other dispenses. The dispenser keeps the wipes wet nicely. If gets too dry towards the end you can add just a bit of water into the dispenser and it will be as good as new.

The wipes themselves are thick, slightly textured (good for a good wipe), and wet but not soggy.
Each wipe is 7" by 5.5" in size. Decent in size although I prefer them slightly larger.
The downsize of the wipers is that they are perfumed. I would have preferred no scent option.

The package says they are flushable but I don't flush them. I use a piece of regular toilet paper on the first wipe which goes down the drain, and then finish up with moist wipes which go in the trash bin.

I have tried a variety of products as moist bathroom wipes. Cotonnelle is my second favorite. The one I like best is Kirkland baby wipes Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes - 900 Count , which I re-purposed as bathroom wipes. The two main reasons I like them better: They are slightly larger in size and they are unscented.

To summarize here are likes and dislikes:

I like:

1) Thickness
2) Texture
3) Moist not soggy
4) Hard plastic container (more attractive than plastic baggy types)

I don't like:
1) Perfume scent
2) Button on the lid to open the container
3) Size (better and bigger than some, but I prefer them slightly larger) 

Review 3:
Works great for those uh.......... messy clean ups. We buy the 72 refill pack. The wipes are moist right down tot he bottom of the pile.

Despite the ability to flush these, three plumbers I know say don't. If your pipes are old and rusty inside the wipes drag in the pipes till they stop or hit a build up of gunk or tree roots protruding through an underground pipe. Throw them in the trash instead.

We take them on all our vacations. I wish restrooms in restaurants, rest stops and other public toilets stocked them. 

Review 4:
This particular product is a true starter kit for using this brand of wipes. You get a pop-up style dispenser, a refill, and a "travel pack". Unfortunately, you can't choose the color of your dispenser, but all of the colors are fairly neutral.

The improved pop-up dispenser is a definite plus. Previous dispensers were just basically a sealed box. Because you were constantly opening up the main hinge, it wore out pretty fast and lost its seal. Plus, you had to fumble with the congealed lump of wipes to get a single wipe out. The pop-up dispenser puts the repetitive stress on a smaller area of the lid and puts the majority of the wipes behind a rubbery slot. From what I've seen, this definitely keeps the wipes fresh for a longer period of use. It also makes it relatively easy to get a wipe.

One downside of the dispenser is that the base isn't weighted at all. So, you have to hold the dispenser while you pull out a wipe. It can't be used one-handed, which, given where you're using it, would be a very nice feature. I've considered only re-filling with half the number of wipes suggested and filling the bottom of the dispenser with some heavy (clean) meditation pebbles or similar.

As for the wipes themselves, the scent is pleasant, and the wipes are damp without being soggy. Each wipe is about as big as the average hand, so you get good coverage. The thickness is also sufficient for the purpose. It's a very comfortable wipe when you want to feel extra clean and fresh.

You can also take these wipes on-the-go (using the travel pack included in this box). They're pretty nice for cleaning up after a to-go lunch or just as a quick refreshing face wipe.

Special note for DivaCup and Keeper gals: These wipes are perfect for cleaning up the cup. Some people might debate me on this, but I love using them for that purpose and I've never had a problem in doing so.

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