Quilted Northern Bath Tissue Jumbo Rolls - 9 Rolls

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue Jumbo Rolls - 9 Rolls

Product Description

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue Jumbo Rolls - 9 Rolls

Product Features

  • 9 jumbo rolls.
  • Strength you can count on. Now 50% stronger!
  • Flushable & septic safe.
  • 275 2-ply sheets per roll.
  • Soft and strong. Unscented.
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Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • ASIN: B003TOD3IA

Customer Review

Now even smaller and shorter than some generics.

First, each sheet has been reduced by a half inch (10% width reduction).
Second, they have increased the diameter of the cardboard roll used to hold the paper -- so while they are TRYING to make the roll look like it has as many sheets as before, it actually has less.

The bigger diameter plus the smaller width means it slides around on the holder, is much more difficult to grab and tear, and has to be replaced much more frequently. (And it looks like a little marshmallow sitting on the holder!)

Another reviewer is correct in asking for price per square inch now. I am hoping they will lose enough customers that they will want to come out with a "wide" or "original" version.

I have been using Northern for over 20 years. No longer. I hope Georgia Pacific will realize that people who used to buy this name brand actually cared about the quality and were willing to pay a little more.

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